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TotCraft’s Safety Rail Will Change the Way Your Kid Sleeps

Protect Your Kid While They Sleep

TotCraft is the perfect solution for your kid’s good night rest! Our bed guard rail is made specifically for your child’s security, especially if they’re transitioning from a crib to their own bed - as they will need protection from rolling over. TotCraft can easily be installed to fit on any mattress or bed frame, so stop worrying and start snoozing!

Fits Any Mattress Size

Your little one deserves a good night's sleep and you shouldn’t constantly be worried about your child’s rest. Instead, install TotCraft bed guard rail to protect your toddler from nightly falls. It’s designed to fit on any mattress size, making it easier to transition from one bed to another as your child grows. 

Easy to Install

TotCraft bed guard rail is the perfect solution to a good night's rest and it’s also super easy to install. Made with high quality material that is meant for durability even when those pesky nightmares arise! Install it with simple instructions that even your toddler can do.

Fits On Any Bed Frame

It doesn’t matter what type of bed frame you have; flat iron bar, wood base, box springs, you name it! TotCraft can easily and securely fasten on any bed frame, you name it - we secure it. So stop losing your screws and let us fit snugly on your bed frame. 

Made for Your Toddler's Security & Your Peace of Mind!

Designed for Safety and Durability

Our sturdy load-bearing design will keep your little one safe while they slumber away into a land of sheep. No need to worry about quality, as all our material is made with durability that is meant for long-term performance.  

Secure and Easy to Use

Even your kid can help you install and assemble the TotCraft bed rail. Just pull down on the latch to lower the rail for easy access. Also, the latch is located in an accident-free area, so there’s no room for slip-ups.

Trusted by Thousands of Lovely Parents

Watch this mom's YouTube review of our TotCraft product.

Customer Reviews

I love this product! I have now moved to different homes and my TotCraft bed rails still comes with me because it's easy to install on any bed frame. My kids always sleep safely and I feel very secure.

Railey S.

It's one of the best products in the market, guaranteed. This bed rail is made with high quality and it's super easy to assemble.

Lauren Y.

A parent's dream come true! No more restless nights of worrying about my kid rolling off the bed. They sleep throughout the entire night without disturbance and I'm left proud and happy.  

Anne Curtis S..

I love this product! I have now moved to different homes and my TotCraft bed rails still comes with me because it's easy to install on any bed frame. My kids always sleep safely and I feel very secure.

Railey S.

This was bought to replace another bed rail on my toddler son’s bed. The other one was not well made and we were worried it was an entrapment hazard. This one is much better made, the difference is very noticeable. It’s a very nice product. The only issue I had was the written instructions for assembling. They were not clear or easy to follow. Luckily there is a video assembly tutorial which was excellent. Skip the written and just watch the video.


I was hesitant to buy this bed rail but this is definitely worth the money. It was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. It also sits high enough that my 2 year old can't roll over it. The rail came with 3 options to secure it so it can be used with a wooden bed frame, slated frame, or atop a box spring. Now I can be content with my son sleeping next to me. I'm sure he'll be happy with me no longer hanging onto his hand or foot while we sleep.


Putting it together and installing probably took 10 minutes total. Extremely sturdy! The release knobs are a bit awkward but I think it’s necessary so it doesn’t happen on accident.


Great product, fast shipping even during covid-19 . Product came exactly as described, I was a afraid it wasn’t going to work being that my son is an active sleeper but he hasn’t had and trouble and adjusting the straps makes it sturdy even if your child happens to roll against it it shouldn’t move.


Frequently Asked Question

What size does my bed need to be to fit TotCraft rail?

TotCraft fits on any bed frame and mattresses!

What's the actual size of the TotCraft rail?

We have two sizes: 1_Regular size : (35.5in length * 20in Height ) 2_Long size :(59in Length *20in Height)

What is TotCraft made of?

TotCraft is made of safe, non-toxic materials and tested according to the highest ASTM safety standards.

What is the height of the entire bed rail from the bottom at the T intersection that goes under the bed to the top of the mesh?

The height is 20 inches . You can also refer to the photos on the listing as it has the measures on it .

What is your policy on returns?

We offer free return shipping 30 days money back guaranteed no questions asked.

How can i contact the company if i have any inquiry?

You can email us on and we will get back to you in 3 to 12 hours.

Available in Three Colors

Two Sizes to Choose From

Two Sizes to Choose From

Two Sizes to Choose From