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TotCraft Baby Carriers are meticulously crafted at a very high quality and a very competitive price to provide a great carrying experience for parents.

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What People are saying !

Since my 3 year old recently started to climb and fall of her toddler bed and hurt her arm one time, I decided to buy a bed rail. I bought this rail after two failed purchase attempts to find the right rail that works for the toddler bed we have. I went for cheaper ones that didn’t fit the bed, however this guard rail perfectly fits it. I watched the installation video and it was easy to put it together. I think this product serves its purpose , and it looks like it is made of robust and sturdy materials. I definitely recommend it!


This is exactly wat I needed for my sons bed! He is 2yo and a very toss and turn kinda sleeper so this will give me piece of mind knowing he won’t roll out of bed. The fabric is mesh so if pushed up against it he can still breathe. Also I love that it folds down very convenient when not in the bed I leave it down. It’s just the right size I like that it doesn’t go all the way down so that if he wakes up before me he can get out without trying to climb over. I am very happy with this bed rail!

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I got this toddler bed rail for my 4 year old niece. She's a wild sleeper and moves a lot so I thought this would be helpful on her big bed. It's very sturdy and good fabric, not irritating. It's easy to assemble and has clear instructions, it only took me about 5 minutes to get it put together. When my niece isn't here using the bed rail, I set it in front of the doorway to block my dog from getting my cats' special renal food. He used to eat their food, but this also comes in handy as my dog can't eat their food anymore. It's a win win bed rail. I highly recommend it.

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I ordered three different baby carriers from different companies at once and tested them with my 16 month old and this was by far the best. The others couldn’t compare. This one is much more secure. I have three kids and he wants to be picked up a lot so I put him in this instead and I can still do things like cook and help them in their bikes. I am very frugal and this was worth it.

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So far, I use this carrier daily. The lumbar support on this product is superior. I am able to do chores around the house, go shopping, and go for walks very comfortably. My baby is comfortable, she falls asleep in it. The material is of excellent quality. It surpass my expectations for the price. I would recommend this product to any mom or dad looking for comfort and support while carrying the baby. Happy mom!!!

Cliente Kindle

Really liked this backpack as I was trying for few that my kid likes. The other one I tired is lulle baby ergonomic one and my kid didn’t like it so had to return it. This one is perfect as he likes it and we liked it too since it is easy to wear and has pouch where we can keep stuff like water bottle and kid snacks. Option to have the kid as a backpack is great too. The only thing I can suggest is to have the strap a bit below since it comes near the neck area. Otherwise perfect backpack.


We love this better than our first sons conversation toddler bed rail. It’s higher and longer so I feel my little one is safer with the Totcraft side rail. The rail comes with Velcro straps, so I used those to ensure more safety and the railing is very sturdily attached to the crib.


I like my bed rail. I got the standard size and it helps keep my toddler in the bed. It’s easy to assemble. Even easier than reading the instructions is watching the video. Mine came with a couple of harness straps that I didn’t know what to do with. I messaged the company and they sent a photo of its use. I didn’t need it for my bed but it looks useful if you want extra support.


My daughter and my grandson are both very happy with this carrier. She said it is much more supportive on her back than the one she was using. She also said the baby doesn’t ever seem uncomfortable like he did in the previous carrier they used. A game changer.


One of my favorite purchases this year. After buying a king side bed, we bought this so the little one can sleep on the side.

It’s very sturdy I’m not at all scared he will fall.


High quality bed rail! i purchased the long size to secure my 3 years old daughter . Great value for the price, very sturdy and serves its purpose. Highly recommended.