About US

At Totcraft, your baby's safety is our first priority. Totcraft products, including infant carriers, bedrails & silver nursing cups, have been crafted according to the highest safety standards by a biomedical engineer, Tom.

Unlike other companies,which put style or affordability above usability and safety, Totcraft's mission is to bring you the highest quality and safest products on the market.

After working for nearly 10 years in the medical devices industry (i.e incubators, pediatric ventilators, nebulizers, pediatric walkers, pediatric beds and many more), Tom mastered the process of designing, testing & innovating to create durable, reliable products.

Tom had the insider view watching even popular brands put out subpar products, and at TotCraft we are committed to create something different: a line of baby and toddler products parents could trust that last for 20 years.

TotCraft's products are tested at approved labs in the USA, acknowledged by medical institutions and pediatricians, and tested by parents like you for several months before launching. This is TotCraft's promise to you.

With TotCraft, you know you're getting high quality, safety-tested products that you can trust and rely on.

At TotCraft we are also parents like you, if we don't love it we wont do it.