Mastitis - How to Prevent It

The beautiful journey of motherhood involves a multitude of experiences, breastfeeding is a significant aspect that often comes with its unique set of challenges. TotCraft introduces a game-changing solution – the Lactation Massager. Dive into a world where increasing milk flow, soothing tenderness, and promoting a comfortable breastfeeding experience become effortlessly attainable.
With our Lactation Massager, you will experience: 

 ✅ Increased Milk Flow:

  • The TotCraft lactation massager is not just a gadget; it's your breastfeeding companion. It aids in emptying the breast, making nursing and pumping a breeze. Compatible with breast pumps, it's a time-saving essential for every breastfeeding mom.

✅ Warming Function + 6 Vibration Modes:

  • Experience a new level of comfort with the warming function and 6 vibration modes. This breast massager is designed to increase milk flow by relieving clogged ducts and tenderness. It's your go-to relief for Mastitis and breast engorgement.

✅ Ergonomic Design with a Narrow Tip:

  • The patented lactation massager with heat boasts an ergonomic design that's not only the lightest on the market but also molds easily to any breast size. It's so comfortable and compact that it fits seamlessly into your nursing and pumping routine. The narrow tip ensures a deep reach to unclog ducts, while the side scoop improves latching and ensures a smooth milk flow.

 ✅ Water Resistant & 100% BPA Free:

  • Worried about convenience? The clogged milk duct relief massager is made from soft medical-grade silicon that is 100% BPA free. Plus, it's water-resistant, so you can use it in the shower for an even more convenient experience.
Discover the joy of nurturing with the TotCraft Lactation Massager – your ally in creating a seamless and comfortable breastfeeding experience. Elevate your journey into motherhood with a product designed to make every moment a blissful one.
Lactation Massager
TotCraft Lactation Massager helps empty breasts and makes nursing + pumping easier. Can be perfectly used with a breast pump to significantly save time.

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